Tesla Model S 90kWh Might Go Extinct Thanks To 100K Batteries

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The first thing you think about when you hear the word Tesla Model S is the P90D which comes with the Ludicous Mode. The vehicle has a 90kWh battery and this allows it to sprint away on the drag strips along with the best of the supercars.

You might think that the 90kWh is the best electric vehicle in the market right now but it won’t be soon as the battery unit is about to get replaced. Tesla has been giving us teases about the development of the new 100kWh battery and recently the battery was given appraisement from the Dutch government.

So we think that it isn’t going to be too long before we see the 100kWh batteries make their way out and it should be on the Model S P100D. When it does arrive it is thought that it will offer up a range of 381 miles and this is around 70 more than what the P90D offered.

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