Tesla has recently revealed through their blog that they will no longer be offering lifetime free charging at the Supercharger network for any new buyers of vehicles. Beginning in 2017 any new Tesla vehicle will be offered with limited free charging per year.

Up to this point Tesla has offered unlimited free recharging at any of their Supercharger stations. Tesla has said that vehicles ordered after 1 January 2017 will only have 400kWh of Supercharging each year. Tesla said that this would be the same as 1000 miles range. So if you do want to purchase a Tesla vehicle you might want to ensure that you get your order in before the end of the year.

Once owners have used their free recharging limit they are then going to be charged a small fee to charge their vehicles, which Tesla has said is going to be less than it costs to fill up a comparable gas vehicle. They have said that it isn’t going to be a profit centre even though prices will fluctuate over time.

Of course this isn’t the only time that Tesla has tightened up on their free Supercharger access. They said that the Tesla Model 3 isnt going to be eligible for Supercharger use.

Tesla also pointed out that the policy doesn’t affect owners who have already ordered a vehicle before the end of 2016, providing that the vehicle is delivered before April 1 2017.

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