The wait for the Tesla Model 3 has been a long one and it looks like when people eventually get their vehicles, if anything goes wrong with them, the wait for non-serious issues may be another long wait before they are addressed by Tesla.

Tesla ownership is unlike ownership of say Ford or Honda vehicles, but then a Tesla vehicle is unlike the Fiesta or Fit. It seems that the consumers of Tesla vehicles are in fact among some of the most satisfied, despite the long wait for vehicles.

Due to the fact that Tesla isn’t the small EV car maker that they once were, owners of vehicles are facing long waits to schedule a service appointment for their existing vehicle. This applies to both routine services and mechanical issues that are reported by consumers.

The Tesla Model 3 is coming out soon and Tesla said that they want to make 500,000 vehicles each year starting from 2018. This means that they better do something drastic with service centres, otherwise the wait is going to be longer and longer in the future.

Up to now owners of Tesla vehicles have been forgiving when it comes to waiting, but this patience isn’t going to last forever and with 500,000 new vehicles hopefully in owners hands each year, patience is going to run very thin.

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Mario Caballero

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