Tesla Model 3 Could Be Anything Except For Gold Nissan Leaf

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The Tesla Model 3 is under development at the moment and it is thought that the vehicle may be launched next year. It is thought that when it does arrive it will be offered with a price tag that is attractive and it should be practical along with offering a driving range that should exceed 200 miles.

There is a lot of excitement for the Tesla Model 3 and to be honest it does make the Nissan Leaf sound old fashioned. While the Model 3 could be just about anything, what it can’t do is beat the idea of the Nissan Leaf Gold.

In order of celebrating the Rio Olympics Nissan have come up with the gold Nissan Leaf, a special vehicle which is going to be given to competitors if they manage to win a gold medal.

At the moment we don’t know if the Gold Nissan Leaf is actually going to have any parts made from gold or whether it is just going to be the color. When they have finished with the gold Leaf they may then begin development of a next generation Leaf to take on the Tesla Model 3.

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