Tesla Model 3: Could 14% Complete Gigafactory Do?

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Tesla said that they have opened the Gigafactory doors and this is the first production facility, however it is only 14% complete right now.

The Gigafactory has been under development for three years and we are expecting that it will take around another four years before it is ready. There has been some good progress but people are wondering if the facility is going to be ready to produce the Tesla Model 3.

The Tesla Model 3 will be an affordable vehicle and it should offer up around 200 miles driving range. We are expecting it to come out next year, if the Gigafactory is able to cope.

At only 14% complete there has been some concern that Tesla are not going to be able to meet the demands for the Tesla Model 3 and the release date. So Tesla is going to have something of a race on their hands.

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