Tesla Model 3: Another Bump On The Road

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Most people were skeptical about whether Tesla was able to make good on their promise and actually release the Tesla Model 3 this year but Tesla soon convince them that they are on the right track but this new issue might ruin it all for Tesla.

It has been reported that the workers at their German production company might go on strike next week. InsideEVs reported that the workers were getting paid 30% less than the union pay scale and that they might go on strike soon.

The production company has 700 workers right now and a strike like that could really set Tesla back a few months. Tesla on the other hand claim that their workers are being compensated fairly.

If the strike does start, Tesla might not be able to start delivering their Tesla Model 3 by July as promised.

The rear wheel drive model will come in as the cheapest Tesla model to date and it will be offering close to 215miles of range with its EVs powertrain.

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