Tesla Loses Control Of “Autopilot” Brand

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It is looking like Tesla is going to lose control of the Autopilot brand as lawmakers over in California in the US have put a ban on the term when it comes to describing driving systems that are semi-autonomous.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles issued draft regulations that are going to put an end to car makers advertising systems that need human intervention as being autonomous or self-driving. This includes the Autopilot branding that is used on Tesla vehicles.

They said that the move would ensure that owners of the systems cannot overestimate the systems capabilities. The Autopilot of Tesla means that the vehicle can brake, steer, accelerate and change lanes without the need for drivers input; however it still needs the driver to be in control of the vehicle.

They said that the guidance would help to get a balance between promotion of innovation and maintaining safety. Any autonomous vehicles would have to go through a 15 point safety check and only then would it be released to the public.

A spokesperson for Tesla said that they were reviewing the draft regulations and would then five the DMV input that was appropriate. They went on to say that Autopilot makes driving safer along with being less stressful and said that the system isn’t sold as being autonomous.

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