The authorities in Germany are after Tesla and their AutoPilot technology as they have been told to stop using the tech in advertising in Germany.

The transport minister in Germany said that Tesla should stop advertising the Tesla AutoPilot as it might suggest that the driver doesn’t have to pay attention and the vehicle can drive itself.

It was said that they have written to Tesla and made the request asking that they don’t use the term Autopilot as it could be misleading. A spokesperson for Tesla said that the system was described as being a system that could work along with a human driver and the system has been used in aerospace for many years.

Tesla also said that they do make it clear that the system does need the attention fo the driver and that the driver should pay attention at all times.

The KBA also wrote to owners of Tesla cars to tell them that the vehicle shouldn’t be operated without them giving constant attention and that they need to remain alert behind the wheel at all times. This letter was said to be so that there was no misunderstanding.

The AutoPilot system of Tesla has been put under scrutiny since a driver was killed when behind the wheel of a Tesla Model S when the vehicle collided with a truck.

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