Temple Run 2 For Android Now Available, Get The Right One

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Right on cue, Temple Run 2 for Android has landed on the Google Play Store after its one week exclusivity on the App Store for iPhone & iPad users.

Temple Run 2 for Android hits Google Play Store

Now this has been one heck of a week for Temple Run 2 Android fans given all the false hopes raised by fake Temple Run 2 apps swarming the Play Store. One in particular that we made very clear last week had a whopping 3,000 reviews and the developer’s name was very similar to the real deal i.e. Imangi Studios.

Nevertheless the real deal is here and it features an update floating jungle, ziplines, mine carts and much more. And as iOS users already have hacks for unlimited coins, expect the same to come about for Android real soon!

Use the below Google Play Store link to download Temple Run 2 as searching it on the Play Store is a little confusing given that Google is still cleaning the mess of fake TR2 apps. Oh… and watch out for the big monkey!

[Play Store]

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