T-Mobile iPhone 5: $200 Is Simply Not Enough Anymore

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Anyone who wants the T-Mobile version of the Apple iPhone 5 will have to pay much more than $199 with a contract of two years, if they want the device. The carrier is to offer the Apple iPhone 5 without subsidies.

The device will be a hit as it has been everywhere else and T-Mobile have wanted the handset for many years. However they would not give in the subsidies that Apple wanted. Sprint along with other carriers gave in and now Sprint will have to wait for 2015 until they see any profit.

Without any doubt the iPhone has been one of the biggest sellers in the US and at the moment T-Mobile is the only US carrier not to offer it. They have been dependent on the LG Nexus 4 and Samsung Galaxy S3 to bring in profits. Some people have asked why T-Mobile didn’t give in as they do have superb plans and the coverage is good.

Things are about to change for T-Mobile though as they will offer the device in 3 to 4 months. You can get your hands on the Apple iPhone 5 with T-Mobile around summer. However you will not get it on contract.

If you want the device it will cost you around $649. T-Mobile has said that people can put a down payment on the handset and then pay the phone off in instalments, so this should help the pain. If this will be enough for T-Mobile to be successful with the handset only time will tell. Bear in mind that while you have to pay the retail price you will save on monthly payments.

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