Subaru WRX STI Totally Buries Nissan 370Z – Wake-Up Call?

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Nissan has been put to shame as the Nissan 370Z has been totally buried by the Subaru WRX STi. This of course should be the wakeup call that Nissan needs and it should get them working on a new Z model as soon as they possibly can.

The low slung sporting coupe was a hit in a different era but not today; even Porsche went from the flat-six to the flat-four with the 718 series. The Nissan 370Z isn’t able to keep up and this is even more embarrassing for the car maker as he vehicle is a Nismo model.

The Subaru WRX STi put the Nissan 370Z in the shade thanks to it offering better traction off the line, the Nissan is also bulky and the automatic gearing doesn’t do it any favors. What is even worse for the 307Z is that the STI isn’t the fastest vehicle out there on the drag strip as the Golf R won it. It certainly doesn’t stand a chance against the likes of the Focus RS and other German hatchback monsters.

Nissan have put themselves into this embarrassing position though with the Nissan 370Z as they have been too busy concentrating on the luxury and EV vehicles to offer up a new version of the 370Z.

Nissan may wait around until the end of the decade before coming up with the next generation Nissan 370Z, meanwhile Subaru isn’t going to sit back and wait and they will surely offer a new STi for 2017. This must be the wake up call that the company needs?

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