Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 Update Rolls Out, Android 4.2.2 Tipped By Large Size

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Sprint owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 are getting a large update, which is around 157Mb, OTA. A screenshot has been posted online showing that this is a Samsung software update as opposed to being a firmware update.

The support pages on Sprint say that the update will take owners to software version L710VPMA6 and this will update the voicemail apps, add new SMS features and resolve issues with the calendar syncing. Users over at the forums have also said that it will fix a security exploit.

At the moment owners of the handset on Sprint have not seen the update that would deliver the premium suite of Samsung to the handset. So they will have to hang on a little while longer as the update doesn’t include it.

Another big question is whether this could also be the next major update i.e. Android 4.2.2. We know it is headed to the Samsung Galaxy S3 but when no one knows. So have you seen the update yet?

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