Splatoon 2: Will Let You Sort Out Your Ability

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In the first Splatoon game, players get hats, shoes, and shirts that come with abilities on them but with the combination of perks, some of the pieces become irreplaceable.

With the new Murch character in Splatoon 2, players can now reset the abilities on any piece of gear to make it into a blank gear. Players can choose to put in the ability that will work for them.

Murch will be able to collect and apply those abilities into the empty slot that it has created. With this new features, players can keep the gear they want and still have the ability they need to win the game. Nintendo adds that you can use Murch service as many times as you want to get the perfect combination of gear and abilities.

The new Splatoon 2 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch console on the 21st of July this year. What other upgrades are you hoping to see on the new Splatoon game?

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