Sony Tried To Ruin Potential Of Fallout 4 For PS4 Gamers

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One game that goes with mods is Fallout 4 but Sony wanted to put a stop to this and ruin the potential of the game for gamers of the PS4. They said that mods couldn’t be used and of course this may have meant that some gamers might move away to the Xbox One and PC to play.

Bethesda said that Sony didn’t want people using user mods in Fallout 4 on the PS4, luckily now they seemed to have come to a compromise. Now mods can be used on PS4 in Skyrim Special Edition and they will then arrive for the Fallout 4. But there is going to be a compromise.

Gamers who play on the Xbox One and PC can load things to the game, however if you play on the PS4 this isn’t going to be possible. Gamers are going to have to make things from the things they already have and it means that people are not going to be able to customize such as Batsuits.

Some people have created some mods and these should be able to be used in Fallout 4 and these are listed below.

The Cheat Terminal allows you to get into computers to activate different cheats, such as changes to the weather and infinite ammunition.

Everyone’s Best Fried allows you to take Dogmeat along with a companion out with you when you go on your adventures.

Unlimited Building allows you to change variables to high numbers.

Unlimited Crafting Container allows you to store everything that you could possibly want close to Vault 111.

Apply Legendary Effects To Guns means you can make your own Legendary gear and make sure that it is useful.

So Sony did try to do what they could to ruin the potential of Fallout 4 for gamers on the PS4, however they haven’t been able to do it.

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