One game, more than others, that gamers associate with using mods is Fallout 4 and gamers have been enjoying the many mods. This could come to an end soon though as it has been said that Sony isn’t going to allow user mods on the PS4. This could ruin the experience of the game of course and it could push people away from the console and on to the Xbox One and PC.

Bethesda said that Sony wasn’t going to allow the use of user mods on the PS4 when playing Fallout 4. However it has been said that a compromise has been reached. It is said that PS4 mods will be allowed on Skyrim Special Edition when it comes out on October 28 and they should appear on Fallout 4. However there is one big catch too.

Gamers on the PC and Xbox One can use things players load into the game but those playing on the PS4 won’t be able to do it. Things will need to be assembled from what they already have which means you cannot make Batsuits and such that are customised.

Some people use mods for creating them and we have listed some of them below that should work.

The Cheat Terminal allows you to get into computers to activate different cheats, such as changes to the weather and infinite ammunition.
Everyone’s Best Fried allows you to take Dogmeat along with a companion out with you when you go on your adventures.
Unlimited Building allows you to change variables to high numbers.
Unlimited Crafting Container allows you to store everything that you could possibly want close to Vault 111.
Apply Legendary Effects To Guns means you can make your own Legendary gear and make sure that it is useful.
So perhaps, even though Sony tried, they haven’t been able to ruin the gamers experience when playing Fallout 4 on the PS4.

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