Sony PS4: What Hidden Surprises Can We Expect On 20th Feb

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There is only days to go before the PlayStation Meeting 2013, where the company are thought to be announcing their next generation console – the PS4. But apart from revealing the console what might Sony reveal besides their next generation console?

Sony may not show the PS4 until E3 and therefore they would have to come up with something other way of satisfying fans along with a global audience. We have had some hints and we have some hopes about what this could be.

One of the good things about the event is that Sony is billing it as a major event and they have sent out many invitations, along with reminders and they are going to be streaming the event live.

This does tell us that this is an event that cannot be missed and fans of the PS4 will be in for a treat, at least when it comes to new games. There has been a rumour that Sony will reveal Killzone 4, which is said to be coming out for the PS4 as the launch title. At the moment there is a segment of Guerrilla Games who is working on the development of Killzone mercenary for the PS Vita. Therefore it would be logical to believe that the others are locked away to work on the next generation project.

Rumours of another game making an appearance have been anticipated and it is the Bioshock game which is also to be on the PS Vita. Nothing has been said about this since it was revealed. The event may be used to reveal Gran Turismo 6 , The Last Guardian, a price drop for the PS Vita and also some new and exclusive material for GTA 5. while it would be nice to see all of these revealed it is thought that we may not see much content revealed until the E3, which takes place in June.

Killzone 4 will be announced sometime this year but whether or not it will be ready for release in 2013 along with the Sony PS4, is anyone’s guess. So can you wait for the even on 20th February and just how excited are you?

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