Sony Explains Most Common PlayStation VR Issue

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If you have played on the PlayStation VR you might have found that it sometimes loses its tracking. When this happens it can cause sickness for the player and it breaks the VR reality. Now Sony has come out to answer some of the issues about the PS VR.

Sony Interactive Entertainment updated their blog post to talk about some of the FAQs and gave answers to inquiries about reflective surfaces and room lighting. The system has seen criticism for the unreliable positional tracking and this is something crucial in the VR process to make it work.

Some people found that you can get results that are better when in a dark room and when there are no mirrors or surfaces that are reflective. Sony has now said that the solutions are in fact true.

However in regards to the Sony VR they said that only certain lights cause issues. It was said that ambient lights don’t affect the gameplay. Bright lighting sources behind the person playing the game, including room lights and from windows, along with lighting that reflects from mirrors, may interfere with the camera of the PS VR and this can stop the tracking on the headset.

Sony understands that they need to do something with the tracking issue on the VR system as it has been turning a lot of consumers away. So perhaps you should play in the dark for the time being.

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