Sony Defends ‘Very Huge Ambition’ Of No Man’s Sky

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The executive of PlayStation has spoken out on YouTube in Live With YouTube Gaming and talked about many things, including giving a reaction to No Mans Sky, which of course has been a controversial game.

It was said that Hello Games did have an incredible vision when it came to the game they wanted to make. The executive said that No Mans Sky, a game that featured procedurally generated worlds, was something that hadn’t been done before. It was also said that only six people were behind the development of the game and their ambition had been huge.

No Mans Sky came out for the PC and PS4 in August without some of the features that gamers thought were coming with the game. Of course this brought about some criticism and Hello Games said that they were still working on the game.

The director of No Mans Sky did talk about bringing in new features to the game in time and this would come by way of free DLC. This is said to be including base-building. An update has been given to the game in September and this brought with it bug fixes and other things.

The Advertising Standards Authority in the UK launched an investigation in September into No Mans Sky when complaints were received. The game was the second best-seller in the US during August but failed to reach the top 10 in September and top 20 for PlayStation Store games.

Recently in a Tweet Hello Games said that No Mans Sky was a mistake, however this Tweet was said to be the result of the Twitter account being hacked.

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