Skyrim With VR Googles: One Word, AWESOME!

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While the Oculus Rift vr goggles should be making huge ways right about now thanks to being such an impressive piece of tech, there has been a lot of negative hype as well as many don’t believe most games will be compatible with it.

Occulus Rift compatibility with Skyrim

Well there is some good news today as Maker, who specalize in community-created software, then, have developed the Vireio Perception driver that makes a whole bunch of game compatible with it. This includes Mirror’s Edge, Skyrim, Half-Life 2, Portal 2, Left 4 Dead and DiRT 2, all of which are now working with the VR goggles.

Now there are no details yet on when the Occulus Rift will be released to the public however the developer version will be out in April. So Skyrim fans, hang in there. We’re getting closer!

On a side note, there are rumors that there will be two more Skyrim DLC packs coming before we see a Skyrim 6. Word has it that it may be Redguard and the other based around Thalmor.

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