Skyrim Dragonborn DLC Review: Why PS3 Users Should Be Excited

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Xbox 360 owners who have already played Skyrim Dragonborn DLC will tell owners of the PS3 that they have something great to look forward to when the DLC comes to the PS3. Anyone who hasn’t yet bought Dragonborn on the PS3 should do so as it is more than just an add-on and worth it.

PS3 owners waiting for Skyrim Dragonborn DLC have something to look forward to

Dragonborn sees Solstheim on the monitor in HD and this is the 3rd DLC for the Skyrim game. The land first showed up in Blood Moon, Elder Scrolls, Morrowind and it is much the same as Greenland, without snow goblins and dragons.

When you start the game you are having a fight with cultists who try to kill you. They talk about Dragonborn and Miraak and then you manage to kill them. You find a note on their body which tells you to make your way to Windhelm as there is a captain who is willing to give you passage to Raven Rock. You find out all about the Temple of Miraak and that he plans on taking Solstheim over when he gets his hands on the All Maker Stones. He then wants to kill the Dragonborn and this is a worry as this is you.

Some of the quests will seem repetitive but you have to do them if you want the All Maker stones, there are six in total. You will know you have found the correct place when you see plebs hitting a rock. Use the Bend Will shout on the stone and then kill things that come out of the rock before moving on to find the next one.

The stones are harder to break as you progress through the game and Lurkers will come into the game. If you have played Dungeons and Dragons you will know about them as they are similar to the Mind Flayers. There are three different versions, with each of them being worse than the one before and more deadly.

As you go through the game there are many quests to take part in and you will find settlements. You will find Black Books and you need to decipher these as they will help you to get to Apocrypha, which is where you will be able to find Miraak. You will see floating bridges and cathedrals along with rocky outcrops and learn abilities from the Black books. When you have learnt all the words to the Bend Will shout you will have the ability to be able to control men and dragons, so you can ride them. Miraak is one of the worst foes that you can stumble on in the game as he is frightening thanks to the horned mask that he wears.

You can get a feeling of having seen it all before as you go on the quests, but on the positive side the DLC is large and it offers plenty of fun. If you don’t go on the quests you will be entertained for many hours anyway. Dragonborn happens to be the best of the 3 DLCs for Skyrim, larger than Dawnguard or Hearthfire. You will want to get back into Skyrim just to play it and owners of the PS3 will be very happy that this was the first DLC to be released for the PS3.

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