Should You Wait For Microsoft Surface 5 Or Go With Surface Pro 4?

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Both the Microsoft Surface Book and the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 are great devices and they have received a great deal of attention. However some people may be hanging on to wait for the rumoured Microsoft Surface 5. But would you wait?

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 may have better looks than the one that came before it. However what is causing a lot of attention is the stylus. A stylus patent has been seen and it was said that it may come with a magnetic connection and it can be recharged.

But is the stylus going to be the only upgrade to come with the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 or will there be others?

Some people have said that if the stylus is going to be the only upgrade, they are not too interested. The reason being that the Microsoft Surface Pro comes with a pen but it isn’t rechargeable. This means that people are having to spend money on batteries for the stylus. So perhaps there would have to be more distinctive features offered with the new tablet than just a rechargeable pen?

There is a lot of hype going around for the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 but let’s hope that it come with much more than a rechargeable stylus in the upgrade.

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