Shadow Of War: Will It Get Too Easy

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It can get very frustration when the game gets too hard to beat just like the Dark Souls franchise but that is also what makes the game so popular. The fans will actually have a sense of accomplishment when they complete the game in the end. While the first Shadow of Mordor was not as tough, it still had the right amount of difficulties to make the player sweat for it but that might not happen this time.

After looking at some of the exclusive gameplay videos from IGN, it is clear that Monolith has given the game and the protagonist a huge upgrade. While that might sound nice, some players are worried that all these new crazy power will mean that players can now take down their enemy faster and that the game will end up being too busy.

However, there were also talk about the game possible coming with a new hardcore mode which will definitely amp up the difficulty of the game.

Others think that the upgrade is alright because the goal of the game is different now. In the first game, it was all about surviving but in Shadow of War, the players will need to protect their whole army and fortresses. So even if you are kept alive but you can’t protect your army, it is the end.

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