Shadow Of Mordor 2 Remains Missing

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We don’t really know if there is going to be a sequel to Shadow of Mordor, however there are some people who believe that it is coming our way following some leaks having been seen online.

One leak that has had everyone talking is the fact that the game was listed on an actresses resume. This lead many people to think that the actress must be working on the game, but at the moment we don’t have any confirmation about this.

Many fans of the game think that the developers had decided on a sequel to Shadow of Mordor way in front of time, given what the developers said when the first game was launched.

They were speaking out the Nemesis system and they said that there was a lot that it could still do and they were planning on including more features in the future.

Even with everything pointing to Shadow of Mordor 2 coming our way there still hasn’t been anything announced at the E3 or Gamescon 2016.

But do you think that Shadow of Mordor is coming our way at some point in time?

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