Gamers loved playing The Shadow of Mordor but they only got to see Mordor and nowhere else. The story of the game was set before the fellowship of the ring and Middle Earth might not look the same as it did.

It does make a lot of sense for the game to be set in Mordor given that this was the title but Shadow Of Mordor 2 is coming our way and some people are hoping that they will have a whole new world to explore.

Some gamers have suggested that it would be good if we got to see Middle Earth before things began, however it does have to fit in and it does have to work with the story. Monolith is going to have to use the Nemesis system too.

We haven’t been given confirmation about Shadow of Mordor 2 but we have seen some leaks and there have been lots of rumours about the game. But what regions would you like to see in the second game?

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