Second-Gen Mazda CX-9 Still Holds Back On Tech

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Fans of Mazda were hoping that when the second gen Mazda CX-9 arrived it would come with more technology. We expected to see such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support but these haven’t arrived. While Mazda hopes to get into the premium segment with the CX-9 it is still lacking.

The cabin of the Mazda CX-9 is where the company have made the most changes. In the older versions the dashboard was too upright and the centre stack too tall, thankfully these are now gone. In its place is a more cockpit style cabin with upgraded materials.

While improvements have been made there are still some issues. The centre console is rather cubby with its two piece lid and while it might look neat, when you consistently rest your elbow on it when driving, it’s not long before it starts to creak.

The infotainment system is another let down, Mazda have failed to offer up Android Auto or Apple CarPlay and this means you only have the navigation, audio and communications offered by Mazda.

So with the second gen Mazda CX-9 the carmaker has given some upgrades to the interior, not all are favourable and they are still lacking when it comes to technology.

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