Scary BMW X3 M Wants A Piece Of Macan Turbo

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The Porsche Macan Turbo better watch its back as the BMW X3 M is heading its way to scare the living daylights out of the Macan. The X3 M offers up styling that is more aggressive and it is certainly going to be a tough competitor for the Macan performance vehicle.

We have already seen the regular BMW X3 in spy shots, but now the car maker is working on the BMW X3 M version and this is going to be even more potent. The SUV has recently been seen going around Nurburgring, revealing its additional horses around the track with a deep throated growl.

The BMW X3 M offers up the inline-six engine, which comes from the M3 and M4 and this means it should offer up about 400 to 500 horses. It has been treated to a tune chassis and sports suspension, along with tweaks to the steering and bigger brakes.

BMW have also given the BMW X3 M a look that is more aggressive and the bumpers have been redesigned along with having side skirts that are beefier and a modded grille. Inside the vehicle gets seating that is sportier looking, updates to the rims and M badges.

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