The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has to be the worst ever release of a smartphone from Samsung and it’s gone from bad to worse. Now we have heard that Samsung are going to stop selling the device as it could blow up in the hands of users, so this is goodbye to the device before it even really got started.

Millions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 were sold and these handsets were recalled after it emerged that the battery could set on fire. People who bought the device were told to switch it off immediately. It then emerged that Samsung was pausing production of the device so that they could find out what caused the issues.

Samsung offered replacement handsets, without the defective batteries, however these handsets have continued to explode and they cannot find out why. Now they have said that they are not making any more of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handsets.

Samsung said that they take the safety of customers very seriously and so they have chosen to stop production of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It also came to light that 90% of people who bought the Note 7 chose to go for a replacement handset.

It isn’t known what will happen to the millions of units of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that have been sold already. Many owners have been asked by their carrier if they want a refund or to swap their device for a different one. It is thought that many people will turn away from Samsung and go with Google or Apple instead.

Whether or not the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 issue is going to haunt Samsung in the long run isn’t know, we will just have to wait to find out.

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