The Samsung Galaxy S7 along with the S7 Edge have been a big improvement over the handset that came before it. The sales have been doing very well and Samsung did patch up some of the weaknesses along with making enhancements to some of the key areas.

This has meant that the Samsung Galaxy S7 pair have been great sellers around the world, which is something that the S6 couldn’t manage.

Even with all the sales Samsung hasn’t been able to keep on the number one spot according to the Reputation Institute Survey. This is the company that ranks other companies to find out how reputable consumers think that company is.

Amazon is at the top of the list for 2016, which means that Samsung has been kicked down to second place. It does remain in front of Apple and other rivals, such as LG, Sony and HTC.

The survey takes into account how much a company meets the expectations of their stakeholders in different criteria, both internal and external, that might affect that companies reputation.

So while the success for the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S7 has been doing well, and they have made improvements to the reliability of the support for Android software, it hasn’t been enough to keep them on top.

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