Samsung Gets Harsh On Stubborn Galaxy Note 7 Owners

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You would think that as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery has a tendency to catch fire owners would want to send them back fast. However this seems not to have been the case as there are plenty of people still refusing to give back their device, and more so in New Zealand. This has led to Samsung taking a harsh stance on the stubborn owners.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been at the centre of two recalls since it briefly arrived on the market. This saw carriers pulling back in the handsets, apart from a few rather sketchy stores you cannot get hold of the handset and really you shouldn’t want to buy it.

Some people do seem to like the handsets so much though that they cannot bear the thought of giving it up. Now Samsung has got carriers involved in the recall and carriers have said that network service to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will stop on November 18. This means that anyone with the Note 7 after this date will not be able to use any of the mobile networks in New Zealand to make calls, send messages or use date.

Carriers have been advising people to send their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 back for a refund or replacement. So if you live in New Zealand and you still own the device you should be aware that from 18 November you will not be able to use the handset on any carrier as it will be shut down.

It has been said that while the majority of Samsung Galaxy Note 7s have been returned there are still a few hundred of them that are still in the hands of owners. Samsung has been offering promotions to encourage owners to send back the handsets and one includes $100 credit, swapping it for the Galaxy S7 Edge and getting a refund.

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