The Samsung Galaxy S7 may be a great phone to own but there is one setback and this is the fact that it doesn’t offer up the USB Type C connector. People thought that perhaps it would be a bit too early for Samsung to make the Type C connector a feature that you must have, but this isn’t the real reason.

One insider from Samsung has now revealed that the USB Type C Connector wasn’t on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and it isn’t going to come on the Samsung Galaxy S8 either.

The insider said that Samsung wanted to push away the USB Type C so as to be able to meet the global demand; however they also wanted to make sure there was a safe supply of the cables. Cables do get easily damaged and this means that perhaps people shouldn’t rely on older chargers for the USB Type C devices.

Samsung could give the Samsung Galaxy S8 the USB Type C Connector, however it may mean that the handset would have to be delayed so as to make sure that there was sufficient supply of the cables.

Of course Samsung hasn’t said anything so you should take this with a pinch of salt and we are going to have to wait to find out if the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with the Type C Connector.

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