Samsung Galaxy S8: Less Bezels? Yes, Less Bezels!

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 could have a screen to body ratio of 90%, so it is going to have less bezel according to a new report that has come out. The news came from an engineer at Samsung, who said that such a display would come out next year, however he didn’t give confirmation that the display would be on the S8.

The principal engineer for Samsung Display Co. showed off concepts for a display that is almost without a bezel and this does confirm that the phone maker has been working on such a display. He said that it would go on a device that would have a 99% screen to body ratio within the next few years.

We had been hearing that the Samsung Galaxy S series of handsets would be without the physical home button and that this would begin with the Samsung Galaxy S8. This also seems to confirm the speculation about the bigger display area as the home button wouldn’t be able to fit onto the front.

Of course if there isn’t a physical home button there wouldn’t be a fingerprint scanner on the front of the handset. However we did hear that Samsung are working on next gen display technology and that the fingerprint scanning could be directly on the screen.

It is thought that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be revealed in February at the MWC. As Xiaomi has launched the Mi MIX with a display that is almost bezel free, now would be the perfect time for Samsung to hit back with their own.

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