Samsung Galaxy S8: Forget Specs For Awhile

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with plenty of superb specs but you might want to forget about the specs for a while as there is a lot more to the handset and one thing is the digital assistant.

The digital assistant is the AI feature that is going to ensure that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a lot more interesting than just numbers on the spec sheet. Samsung has spoken out about the enhanced artificial intelligence service and it is said to have the name of Bixby.

They have said that they are developing a digital assistant that is going to bring about a brand new paradigm, an open AI platform. The platform will be able to do things all from the one app, such as ordering pizza or coffee, which at the moment would require separate apps.

Apparently owners of the Samsung Galaxy S8 would be able to use the assistant with third party services seamlessly.

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