Samsung Galaxy S7 Reliving Nightmare Of Samsung Galaxy S6

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Two great handsets to come out this year are the HTC 10 and the Samsung Galaxy S7. While Samsung typically has the bigger following, it does lose to HTC and it does it very badly.

Just like the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S5, owners of the Samsung Galaxy S7 are worried about how fragile the device is. The handset has glass panels on both sides of the handset and if it is dropped there is no way that it is going to survive.

Owners have found that the only way to avoid damage to the Samsung Galaxy S7 is to cover the handset with a phone cover or a tempered glass screen protector. Even these may not be enough to save the device in the event that it was dropped.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 received a score of just 3 out of 10 from iFixit as they said that if repairs have to be done on the device there is a risk of cracking or breaking the glass panels.

So the Samsung Galaxy S7 does seem to be the same nightmare as the Samsung Galaxy S6 when it comes to the build of the handset.

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