Samsung Galaxy S7 Mini May Help Out Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been a disaster from the start thanks to the battery being explosive. This meant a recall of the handsets but now the production has been stopped as it seems the replacement handsets are just as bad for setting fire. This means that Samsung have faced a huge loss over the devices.

While Samsung hoped to recoup some of the losses by fixing the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 it hasn’t been so and they haven’t been able to regain the lost trust from consumers with the Note 7. One insider now says that Samsung are going to offer the Samsung Galaxy S7 Mini, which is going to be a mid-range device, in the hopes of regaining trust.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Mini will come with a 4.6 inch display and this is a 1080p device. It will offer up the Snapdragon 820 processor and 2GB of RAM and it should come in at about $399.

At the moment we haven’t got confirmation from Samsung about the Samsung Galaxy S7 Mini, it is only what an insider from Samsung has said.

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