Samsung Galaxy S7: Great Until You Turn It On

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a great handset; that is until you actually turn the handset on.

Samsung have included the new TouchWiz UI and while this is a huge leap forwards it is also two steps back at the same time. At least they do seem to be experimenting with stock like Android for upcoming versions.

When people turned on their Samsung Galaxy S7 they were greeted with what many have described as being a huge change to the UI and not a good one at that. Owners have stated that they don’t like the colors used and want to change them with per-app colors and the TouchWiz notifications icon are horrible.

Owners have asked how one apk can make so much difference to a device. Some owners have suggested that uninstalling and reinstalling may fix the issue, or disabling power mode.

But do you own the Samsung Galaxy S7 and do you like the TouchWiz UI or do you hate it?