Samsung Galaxy S7 Enjoys Extra Success During Crisis

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Samsung have been embarrassed as they have to make the second recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 official. Before this we heard that many carriers in the US had been offering customers free replacements of other phones or a refund.

Even with the huge embarrassment and despite the fact that there will be a serious fallout for Samsung over the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, many owners of the device have chosen to take a replacement from Samsung.

Many consumers are in the mind that the next best thing to owning the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Around 90% of people who had the Note 7 have chosen the S7 Edge as their replacement device. The figure comes from retailers in Taiwan and it is thought that people in other countries may be in the same frame of mind.

Samsung have now upped the production of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge due to the fact that many retailers have now sold out of the device.

Samsung gave confirmation that anyone who purchased the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 can go to their retailer or carrier and get a refund or choose another device. Those who go for the Note 5 or the S7 Edge get a gift certificate of $95.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is of course more expensive than the other two handsets mentioned above so consumers will also get a refund in the price difference. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge this will be $125 to $155 and around $125 to $220 if you choose the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

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