Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Suffers Cracked Screen After Overheating

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If you have the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge you may be concerned about leaving your handset charging overnight after one owner woke to find his display was cracked after doing just that. The person said that they had put the device onto charge and left it and when they got up the next morning the display was cracked. However, when he went to the customer forum to complain he was told that he would have to pay for the damage as it looked as though the phone had been dropped.

The owner of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was adamant that the handset hadn’t been dropped and that the crack in the display wasn’t there when he went to bed but was when he woke up. One member of the forum asked if he had been outside in cold weather and then put the device onto charge, perhaps this was the reason the glass cracked?

It does look like maybe the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge had suffered from a drop as the crack could clearly be seen on the point of impact and not where the battery was in the device. Some owners of the device have said that their device gets hot but whether it actually gets hot enough to crack a display is another matter entirely.

But what do you think? Could the display have been cracked through charging or does it look like it was dropped?

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