The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge leaves the Google Pixel XL breathless. We say this as the battery life of the S7 Edge is better than that of the Pixel XL.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with the Exynos processor offers 24.29 hours talk time on 3G, 13.32 hours of WIFI browsing and 20.8 hours of video playing, according to the specs. The Google Pixel XL is said to offer 33.21 hours talk time on 3G, 9.02 hours of WIFI browsing and 11.09 hours of video playing.

As you can see from the numbers above the web browsing and video playing on the Google Pixel XL are rubbish compared to those of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The talk time numbers on the Pixel are pretty impressive however.

The tests were made with Android 6.0.1 installed on the Samsung handsets and some people have suggested that the results may be different with the Nougat update installed as it comes with improvements to Doze.

The battery test of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Google Pixel XL overall score came around by doing a 1 hour test day on both until the batteries of the handsets had drained down completely. Of course it was also said that battery life is inconsistent. One user pointed out that the battery on the Pixel XL was 4% smaller while the talk time was 60% higher and so the radio of the device must be very efficient.

So while the Samsung Galaxy S7 did manage to leave the Google Pixel XL out of breath, which phone would you purchase? would you go for the S7 instead of the XL just based on the stats from above which suggest that the battery of the S7 lasts the longest?

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