Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Helps Cover Up S6 Edge Shame

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Samsung finally realized that they had to do something very extraordinary when they launched the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and this was thanks to the sales of the S6 Edge being very poor.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge took just 2% of the US user base after nine months of it coming to the market. Bear in mind that the ordinary version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 took 9.4% and the Samsung Galaxy S6 kept 26.2%.

When the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was launched it was supposed to change the game thanks to the curved display, however things didn’t go the way it was supposed to go. This wasn’t something that affected the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge when it arrived as it made more sales than what was thought.

To date the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has managed to sell close to 15 million units and it should be able to reach the milestone by the end of them month. It was said that more units of the S7 Edge sold that the ordinary version.

This is great news for Samsung of course as the success of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge does give us confirmation that the issue with the handset hasn’t been the curved display.

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