Samsung Galaxy S5 No Longer A Dream, Your Wishes To Be Answered Freking Style!

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One device to have recently come out around the world is the Samsung Galaxy S4. Now that it has some people are wondering what the Samsung Galaxy S5 will offer. Many people have talked about what they want to see in their dream version of the device.

Last year Bob Freking made a video asking people what they would like to see in the Samsung Galaxy S4 and he then made a trailer concept. This proved to be so popular that he is doing it all over again with the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Freking didn’t think that Samsung filled everything with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and this led to people wanting to see the Samsung Galaxy S5 in concept. So he came up with an image that is tantalising of what you want t see on the Samsung Galaxy S5 when it comes out next year, and he want to know what specs and features you want in the design.

If we see the same with the concept idea for the Samsung Galaxy S5 as we did with the S4 then people’s ideas will come flooding in. Freking said that people wanted the phone designed in aluminium, they wanted a better camera for taking photos in low light and less gimmicks. What do you want on the Samsung Galaxy S5?

Check out the YouTube video where he is asking what you want. Would you like a better camera or larger internal storage? Let us know what features and specs you would like to see.

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