Samsung Galaxy S4 Keypad Doubles Up Just Like Processor, Confusion Ensues

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When there is a hint of a new handset coming to the market people start to look online for any evidence that may point to it coming our way. This is more so when the handset is the Samsung Galaxy S4. Many people believe that the device is just around the corner and some say that it has been seen.

Samsung Galaxy S4 specs confusion

The sighting of the Samsung Galaxy S4 came about thanks to UAProf, which had a handset with the name of the SCH-I337, which some think is the Samsung Galaxy S4. However the folks over at Product-Reviews are sceptical as to whether this is the real deal because if so then the new handset would have a dual keypad.

We have heard rumours about what the Samsung Galaxy S4 could come with, however one thing is certain and that is that the device will not be a dual screen, but there has been suggestions that it could have a display that is flexible, which would have touch features on the sides. This may still be generations away though, but for now we will have to wait and see.

Other rumored Samsung Galaxy S4 specs include an octa-core processor, 13-megapixel rear camera and 3GB RAM. If so it will definitely be a big step up from the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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