In March the Samsung Galaxy S4 came out and this has taken over from where the Samsung Galaxy S3 left off. We have seen many comparisons made about the two devices, however we are interested in only the videos reviews.

The specs of the Samsung Galaxy S4 have been compared with those of the mini version of the handset. But for now we just want to take a look at the full sized versions.

In the first of the videos you can see that the two do look alike. One of the main differences is the display. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a screen of 5 inches, while the Samsung Galaxy S3 has a 4.8 inch display. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is lighter by around 3 grams.

There is ppi of 441 on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and on the Samsung Galaxy S3 this is 306ppi. The display of the Samsung Galaxy S4 can be used when wearing gloves.

The devices will boot up in about the same time. Web browsing is superb on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the pages load fast. Both handsets have a camera of the same quality on the back.

In the next video you can see the largest differences in the two and some of the smaller more cosmetic changes. You can to hear how the device feels when holding it. There’s nothing wrong at all with the Samsung Galaxy S3, but if you want a handset that you can play new 3D games on, it has to be the Samsung Galaxy S4.

While this is the newer of the two there is nothing to say that it is the best. There have been some improvements to the software, but the Samsung Galaxy S3 will get updated too and it will get the same software.

The last comparison video shows multi-windows and the Premium Suite. Owners can open two apps in different windows, which can then be re-sized.

Check out all the videos and then let us know which of these you would go for and if the videos helped you to make your choice.

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Mike Johnson

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