Samsung Galaxy S3 Price Drops A Tier As S4 Approaches Stores

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One of the best-selling devices of last year was the Samsung Galaxy S3 and even though the handset hasn’t reached its first birthday yet, the successor to it has been announced. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is still a great device, however as a newer handset is out, this had led to a price drop of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Some of the best savings are with carriers in India and Malaysia, who do not have large subsidies.

The price drop of the flagship device is a bargain, despite there being a newer model just around the corner.

When it first came out in India the cost of the handset was Rs. 43,000, it then went down to Rs 31,900 and from last week it was available for only Rs 29,480. Meanwhile Klipmart have the handset for Rs. 29, 200.

In Malaysia the handset came with the price tag of RM 2,300 and then it went down to just RM 1,500.

There will be many people who will consider this to be too big a bargain to miss even though the new device has been revealed. This is due to the fact that the new device will come with a high price tag. It is thought that the price for it in the US will be around $589.

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