Hey Galaxy S3 & Note 2, You Kiss Your Mom With That Mouth?

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Samsung is up to its dirty tricks once again. Last year they took potshots at the iPhone 5 and their fans who waited long lines to get their hands on the latest Apple device.

Samsung Galaxy S3 & Note 2 take shots at upcoming BlackBerry 10 family

At the same time they ran ads mocking the iPhone 5 and showing how the Samsung Galaxy S3 was just better in every way. Well they are up to it again and this time the trash talking is aimed at BlackBerry.

BlackBerry 10 is expected to be unveiled later this month and with it two new smartphones, the BlackBerry Z10 and X10. The latter has a physical keyboard and will receive the most potty mouth from Samsung’s marketing execs.

In their latest campaign, both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2 are praised for their security and indirectly imply how the BlackBerry is for old farts and those who still use the 2 phone system. Without spoiling it check out the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 / S3 ad below.

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