The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a great device if you can forget about the fact that it blows up and sets on fire. It offers great performance and a display quality that cannot be beaten and the 3,500mAh battery gives long life if it doesn’t blow up of course.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was recalled and now it is being returned to those who bought the handset. So this means that the battery isn’t going to be an issue any longer. Well…..

Well there is truth in the sense that the device isn’t going to blow up anymore thanks to the battery. But we have been hearing complaints from some owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 who have had replacements that there is another issue and this is that it overheats.

Due to this fact the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 doesn’t hold the battery charge for long. Of course this shouldn’t be any huge surprise as the Samsung Galaxy S6 along with the S6 Edge were both known for offering up poor battery life thanks to overheating.

Samsung said that they are looking into the issue and they said that the issue doesn’t pose a threat. However we have heard that some of the supposedly safe units have caught fire.

So it looks like Samsung are looking at huge losses with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, even with the replacement handsets.

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