Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Owners Ain’t Going Anywhere

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a disaster from start to finish but it seems that fans haven’t lost faith in the Note 7 or the brand. At the moment Samsung are having a battle on their hands to get people who bought the device to return it, despite their being a second recall.

Samsung has offered many incentives to those who bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to get them to return the handset. However some people want to keep them, even though they know that the battery could explode. Now Samsung have found ways to encourage people to send the handsets back as they have sent out software that limits the handset to charging up to only 60%.

You would have thought that people would want to send the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 back to get a new device in the shape of the Google Pixel XL or iPhone 7, but no.

It has also been suggested that many people are going to remain loyal to Samsung and purchase from them in the future. But have you been put off from purchasing a device from Samsung in the future?

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