Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Kissing Android 7.0 Nougat Goodbye?

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Samsung is set to rollout the update to Android 7 Nougat to devices that are eligible for the update and the Samsung Galaxy S6 gets the update finally about five months after many other handsets have received it. So if the trend is going to continue the S7 and other handsets that are eligible may not get the update anytime soon.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was one of the handsets that were going to be given the update to Android 7 Nougat and it was going to be the first of the handsets to get it. However the recall happened with the Note 7 so this isn’t going to happen. While Samsung have recalled the handset it seems that some owners are refusing to give them up. This leads us to the question of whether they would be eligible to receive the update to Nougat.

Samsung may not offer it to people who are holding onto the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as after all they have recalled it. The update to Android 7 Nougat is going to arrive on the S7, S7 Edge, S7 Active, S7 Olympic Edition and the range of S6 devices along with the A9, A7, J5, S2, A8 ON7, C5 and C7.

But do you think that those few people who have not given up their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 should be eligible to receive the update to Android 7 Nougat?

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