You would have thought that the mess up with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 might have put a lot of people off; however, the figures seem to suggest otherwise, at least when it comes to consumers in the US.

Having a battery explode should put people off from going with the Samsung brand name, as after all if it happened once then it could happen again. But a recent poll suggests that consumers over in the US would be more than willing to go with Samsung handsets in the future.

The poll took into account 50 states and included 2, 375 people with phones from Samsung and 3, 158 iPhone users. So it looks as though Samsung have the same following for loyalty as owners of the iPhone have.

The survey also revealed that people who knew about the recall were as interested in purchasing a new Samsung handset as those who weren’t. it is thought that Apple might benefit from the demise of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. However the iPhone 7 really didn’t take on-board the demand after the Note 7 was recalled.

27% of people who said they knew about the recall said that they would consider purchasing a new device from Samsung. 25% of those who hadn’t heard about the recall said that they would purchase a handset from them. Around 91% of existing customers showed loyalty to Samsung, compared to 92% who are loyal to Apple.

Many owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 chose to exchange their handset and go for the S7 or S7 Edge instead of going for a refund or a handset from another phone maker.

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