Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Battery Life Put Under The Microscope

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Phone makers Samsung try to launch phones that come with larger displays and bigger batteries and this is why they caused quite a stir when the released the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the battery was smaller on it.

The battery on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is 3000mAh and this happens to be a smaller battery than what Samsung offered on the Note 4. So has Samsung messed things up again or do they know just what they are doing?

GSMArena recently made some tests and they included the battery life. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 lasted for 28.3 hours for talking and this was ahead of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which came in at 28.31 hours. While this is only a small difference it is more and it was close despite the battery being smaller.

You can browse the web on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the same as on the Note 5 but video playing was four hours less.