If you are waiting to hear about a release date within the next month or so of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 then you will perhaps have some specs in mind of what you would like to see. Some people have not made the jump up to a phablet and these people could be surprised to find what size displays those who own the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and 1 have.

After checking out recent invitations for the Unpacked event some people are looking forward to the launch date. Earlier on this week we saw a big clue on the invites for the launch date.

Just under a week ago we looked at what some fans thought might come by way of specs. However there are also some people who think that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is still a powerhouse of a device and it can deal with all their needs, while others are looking forward to some major upgrades. If the specs that have been rumoured are true then many people will opt to update. These include the ultra HD display, 128GB SSD, WACOM tech, flexible OLED display and 6GB of RAM.

One thing that fans agree on is the screen size specs. One said “5.7-inch doesn’t feel right for me, Samsung needs to release a larger sized Galaxy Note 3 or 3.1″, one potential buyer said. Another states, “Galaxy Note 3 will be a disappointment if the screen size is not at least 6.3 inch. A 6.5-inch or 7-inch screen will be better”.

Another reader had this to say “I would be happy with a 6-inch display but not a 5.7-inch. Samsung is missing the point here if they go that small while the competition is going much bigger, especially after they started it all with the Note. Would be better to have multiple size options. If I have to choose between Galaxy Note 3 at 5.7-inch and Sony 6.4-inch then it is bye Samsung”.

More fans left similar comments about the device saying “I will wait one more year if needed”. When it comes to the original Note the choice to upgrade is a lot simpler in many cases, which is thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 being a major update for them in terms of expected specs and features.

Will you be moving up to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and how big is too big when it comes to the size of the display?

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